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November 2014 - Global Risk Broker & Associates launches it's new and improved site found at .

January 1st, 2014 - eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC is now "doing business as" Global Risk Broker & Associates .


March 21, 2009 - The National , Insuring a soft landing by Nina Montagu-Smith. The National is an English newspaper launched by the Abu Dhabi Media Company.


November 2008 - Wealth Bulletin, If you'll be my bodyguard... by Tara Loader Wilkinson. Article distributed to Middle East Times regarding Kidnap/ Ransom coverages.


August 2008 - "eGlobalHealth Insurers assists California Production Company with Re-release of Man On Fire, on BlueRay DVD"; assisted with setting up Kidnap and Ransom informational interviews with underwriters & crisis management teams for BlueRay DVD. Man on Fire is to be re-released in the international market on BlueRay DVD this fall. On camera interviews by Thomas Petersen with Petersen International Underwriters.


July 2008 -, Insurance you did not know you could get by Jonathan Berr. Posted on, a blog site featuring insurance news.


June 2008 - PR Leap, debuts, providing unique access to the Lloyds of London underwritten life insurance programs - Press Release online.


January 2008 - Smart Money, Your Hacienda Awaits by Peter Keating


January 2008 - PR Leap, eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC Launches Web Site Designed for Those Needing Medical, Life, Disability and Other Special Risk Insurance Needs Worldwide- Press Release online.


August 2007 - The, What to Do When You're Sick Abroad by Annika Mengisen


February 2007 - "Working on Yachts and Superyachts", Second Edition by Jennifer Errico

(eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency as featured contributor for Yacht crew medical insurance)


November 2006 - Springfield Business Journal, Proper preparation alleviates travel risks by Derek Patterson


November 2006 - "Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America" by Mark Ehrman

(eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency as featured contributor for ExPat insurance services)


July 2006 - PR Leap, eGlobalHealth Insurers Agency, LLC unveils specialty website to assist global travelers with insurance needs - Press Release online.


July 2006 - Open Press, American Kite Surfing Association Selects Exclusive Insurance Provider


July 2006 - Open Press, Kiteboarding Insurance Essential When Traveling Abroad


April 2006 - Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Retirement Living: Enjoy la Buena Vida in Mexico by Elaine Povich


September 2005 - Employee Benefit News, Protecting Workers in a Danger Zone by Leah Carlson


January 2005 - The Washington Times Newspaper (Business Section), Covering Against Calamities by Tom Ramstack


January 2004 - Timeshare Connections Magazine, Why Buy Travel Insurance ? by Shelly Treloar




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